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The development of AI and other modern technologies is accelerating the automation of business processes and services.
The level of complexity, dependencies, connections and interactions make it impossible for a single person to create and store a cause-and-effect model of the IT infrastructure in their head. Therefore, no single person is able to fix all errors and failures.

The human body gains awareness of its environment and its continuity through perceptual processes, i.e. learning about the external environment through the senses.

is a platform that allows us to look at the reality of IT through a series of probes, sensors and recorders, and with the help of the obtained data, it creates an informational model of the IT world, similar to the one that each of us stores and updates in our heads.
In an instant, about a hundred million input pulses from light sources in the environment are transmitted to processing centers in the retina and brain (...). These separate bits of information are analyzed, organized and integrated, after which a decision is made to react in a certain way.
Psychology and Life, Philp G. Zimbardo, Floyd L. Ruch, PWN, Warsaw 1996
This is how InTrack works
- it consolidates input data streams in a specialized way, working out decision-relevant information without needing to involve human consciousness.
Many elements in the IT world cannot be seen, which doesn't mean they don't exist. Using InTrack, they can be recorded and then analyzed.
An interconnected
network of relationships

InTrack is a platform that continuously and instantly sorts through and assigns all events to specific components of the IT environment.

As it fully reflects reality, it is able to show remote and non-obvious dependencies.
This gives the user access to all information - including configuration and financial information - about any resource or process.
InTrack Use
Case Examples
Monitoring the cloud

An organization has moved to the public cloud tempted by cost savings. The IT and accounting teams have different information about current costs. With the help of InTrack, they can check whether the costs of their infrastructure and systems have actually been reduced, and whether the technology debt has decreased. InTrack also makes it possible to simulate costs in the planned infrastructure, making it easier to decide whether to implement or abandon certain transformation projects.

Secure data transfer

The IT department performs dozens of processes directly or indirectly involving retail and business customers. The team owns its hardware, but also uses the support of service providers, such as cloud computing and infrastructure services. It adheres to GDPR, and data processing agreements with service providers. One client is subject to regulations prohibiting the transfer of data outside the EU. The IT department recognizes that the company complies with this requirement. During the implementation, InTrack analyzes and visualizes processes as well as systems, applications, hardware and external services. It turns out that in one process, a side reporting system was put in the cloud, where Germany - an EU country - was indicated as the primary location. However, analysis of historical data over the past six months shows that for 10 hours the reporting system was running from a cloud backup center in the UK. The IT team decided to move the reporting server from the cloud to a co-located Data Center in Poland in order to be able to use the server for the client without exposing itself to non-compliance with GDPR.

Monitoring IT services

A client comes to a medium-sized company with a new business need based almost entirely on IT. They have fairly detailed technical specifications when it comes to hardware and application needs. The company is billed on the margin, so it should accurately determine its costs and present a quote to the customer. Minimum costs can be calculated using the resources already being used, possibly filling in the gaps with new purchases. But the precise price can only be calculated by knowing the full cost model of the existing environment. These missing elements can be added to the model in InTrack, and its ‘what if’ mode can then determine price or profitability.

Service desk

In a capital group, one of the companies is responsible for the IT operations of the other companies. Thanks to the IT Service Desk (also available in the form of a mobile app), the company can queue up requests and methodically solve the problems reported by employees. Managing the configuration and infrastructure changes using a remote desktop and real-time monitoring helps maintain the appropriate level of service.

Software approved for installation - licensing

The IT department and controlling department cannot agree on how to reduce costs, which use up a significant portion of the corporate budget. The company has no control over licenses and the demand for them. It wants to introduce job standards. Using the InTrack platform allows the organization to regain control over software compliance and to monitor licenses. It has an instant overview of current versions, the onboarding process runs smoothly, and IT department costs drop by 30%.

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