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Managing a company in a world of rapidly changing geopolitical and economic conditions is a huge challenge.
In order for a company to be able to adapt to the surrounding reality and be able to react quickly to emerging changes in its environment, it needs the right tools to facilitate this process.
Process control
The InTrack platform automates processes, and in doing so, it facilitates and accelerates decision-making.
It helps control process behavior based on algorithms and automation - mapping them in a model and checking their parameters, based on the history of business events and their replay.
Combining data and forecasting events

Every day your company generates thousands of messages from different sources.

Visualize processes and priority changes
The digital transformation paradigm is forcing organizations to continually expand the areas controlled by IT environments and automate tasks.
InTrack Use
Case Examples
Credit applications

A bank is launching a new loan product. Although many customers apply for it, the vast amount of paperwork and waiting times result in them abandoning the process and turning to the competition. Thanks to InTrack, the bank is able to verify the creditworthiness, loan histories and consumer behavior of loan applicants within seconds of their application. The situation is brought under control and customers are served in real time.

Production - How much does a minute of downtime cost?

The maintenance department and the controlling department have different data on the cost of factory downtime. They are unable to give a clear answer to management about whether an annual shutdown should be maintained in all units. InTrack gives them concrete and consistent data, so both departments can focus on determining whether to count lost profits or maintenance and repair costs - or both parameters. In addition, they are able to visualize how much of the cost is attributable to the downtime of specific services and processes.

Efficiency of sales representatives

A regional sales representative views current sales data in the InTrack mobile app. He has just received an alert that the quarterly targets are at risk of not being met. To remedy the situation, he analyzes the sales data of individual salespeople, which shows that not all of them have completed their scheduled appointments. He can then implement a remediation plan to make sure the region's quarterly targets are met.

Inventory and service systems

Optimization of the use of field service teams adds a new dimension to existing algorithmic challenges. One of them is the prioritization of failures which depends on factors such as the impact of the failure of a particular infrastructure element on others. These might include services, processes, money, or customer numbers. Which dimension should be optimized and to what extent? Here is where the InTrack platform can help.
Detailed knowledge of the hardware infrastructure and the location of its components is not enough to optimally make use of field service teams. You also need to have the ability to prioritize repairs and this depends on the knowledge of the above-mentioned impact and the ability to compare it to the cost of a single repair.
InTrack models the state of elements and their impact in real time, and locates them on maps. It allows users to change the routes of field service teams to optimize not only the travel cost but also the business impact.

Employee Onboarding

The HR department has an onboarding process in place which introduces the employee to the company, but also prepares the necessary job tools for them. Thanks to the InTrack mobile app, it takes a few seconds to send a request for the preparation of equipment to the IT department, the granting of licenses and software. The HR team is able to monitor the entire process and its stages.

Warehouse Inventory

The end of the year is approaching and the warehouse network needs to conduct an inventory. Thanks to the implementation of the InTrack app, this process is no longer as tiring and time-consuming as before. Among other things, it is supported by a QR code reader that scans goods and automatically catalogs them in the central system.

Marketing analytics

According to management, the company's marketing efforts are not effective and use up too much money. A complete lack of understanding of the department's work results in frustration for each party involved. The InTrack app enables 360 marketing through real-time control of all promotional activities and traffic sources covered by monitoring. The data model is presented in an easy-to-read report, making it simple to analyze and optimize ongoing campaigns.

Utility consumption and cost optimization

A production company uses presses and mains screwdrivers in its manufacturing process. The manufacturing department is unsure which tools consume the most electricity. The paint department uses hand-held electrostatic guns and robots. The powder paint shop is heated with gas. The department also has no idea of the costs that it generates. With the help of the InTrack platform and the corresponding model, the team is able to see that heating the paint shop with gas is too costly, and the networked screwdrivers should be replaced with pneumatic ones.

Safety and patient knowledge

A provincial hospital is able to visualize and measure its ‘patient lifecycle’ through InTrack, from registration to discharge. It is also able to see the calendar of subsequent tests and treatments, as well as the location of the patient’s current stay (from ward/room/bed to specific examination rooms). Medical records can be stored elsewhere, but the patient or his/her caregivers will be informed of next steps and plans for further treatment.

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