From now
on, you have
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Chaos is found in greatest abundance wherever order is being sought.
Our own nervous system is a giant communication system, which organizes neurons so effectively, that it completely avoids chaos.
The model, or image of reality, and the way that it's shared with other people, is the basis for the construction of civilization.
An ideal model is…
Your own! Create it with us!

What can we do for you?

InTrack supports users with effective data processing:
Using the model you've supplied us, we present useful snapshots of data in accessible formats.
*created on the basis of data available for physical resources
We monitor and model the state of your resources, and in an emergency situation notify those responsible.
We highlight the relationships and dependencies between your model elements, allowing you to draw synthetic and analytical conclusions.
We provide you with real-time information needed for decision-making.
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A city is a living organism that needs to be well managed to best serve its residents.
This is why we developed InTrack, which processes and presents information in a way that is compatible with human perception.
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InTrack is a tool that pinpoints and forecasts business-critical events.
Every day your company generates thousands of messages from many different sources and systems.
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Thanks to the InTrack platform, we can look at the reality of IT like a nervous system.
In IT, many elements are invisible, but we know they exist. As with perception, they can be noted, then analyzed with the help of InTrack.
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